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choosing a baby high chair can get difficult, but not when deciding the color. You choose pink for your girl and blue for your boy, or you choose the color based on the design of your dining room.

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It gets difficult when choosing materials, so we have put plastic in comparison with wood and metal in this post. but before we start comparing, we tried to give you a better understanding of your baby’s seating needs. As with many other infant products, there are literally hundreds of different high chair choices on the market today. This article discusses the most important components, such as safety, development, and swallowing, as well as recommendations to help you choose the best high chair for your family. Some of the issues discussed are safety, development, and swallowing. Do high chairs really need to be used for infants? Certainly not in all cases. Creating a safe feeding environment for newborns may be accomplished in a variety of ways; however, a high chair with a seat that can be brought entirely upright and an adjustable footplate is typically the simplest approach to guarantee that the baby is in the correct and safe posture for eating. The seating position is the single most important aspect to consider when placing a baby in a high chair. When it comes to swallowing securely, eating with the proper posture is critical. The ability of a newborn to use their arms and hands, as well as their ability to chew, are all impacted by their sitting position. Correct placement includes the following components: Shoulders and hips should be aligned: the back should be completely straight, and the shoulders should be parallel to the hips. bent knees that may go forward while bearing weight on the feet pink plastic chair Capability to stretch one’s arms and hands to a sufficient extent to provide easy access to the food on the tray Step forward and press onto the balls of your feet. This frequently results in an ankle angle of roughly ninety degrees, but rather than focusing on the angle, consider the postural position of the feet in respect to the footplate. It is preferable to assess your child’s position in a high chair from the side. Even if a high chair advertises a “completely upright seat,” it is vital to examine the alignment of the baby’s shoulders and hips to ensure that they are sitting straight. Step back after placing the newborn on the high chair and check the posture of their shoulders in relation to the position of their hips and pelvis. The baby’s weight is centered over the hips or slightly forward when the shoulders are in line with the hips or slightly forward. When the shoulders are in line with the hips or slightly forward, the alignment is correct. Incorrect or reclining positioning: If the shoulders are behind the hips, the baby’s weight is behind them, and the infant is in a reclined posture. Incorrect positioning: A baby is not physically developed enough to start solid meals if he or she is unable to lean forward and return to sitting without assistance, or if they often lose their balance forward.

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It is critical to have the body in the proper position when eating properly. When a newborn reclines, even slightly, his or her weight shifts rearward, and gravity pulls in that direction. This might cause issues with the infant’s growing spine. Because gravity pulls in the direction of the throat, food placed in the mouth while reclining has a larger possibility of sliding backward towards the pharynx. This gravitational pull also affects the tongue, causing it to shift slightly backward in the mouth, hindering the tongue’s ability to control and manage food. Gravity supports the tongue when a baby sits straight with their shoulders just above their hips or leans slightly forward with their weight-bearing via their feet, allowing it to move flexibly and giving them more control over the food in their mouth. Food has a better probability of going forward and exiting the mouth when the head is in this position. Whatever type of high chair you choose, be sure the seat is properly upright. There are currently various high chairs on the market that include a reclining option for newborns who are unable to sit upright while keeping their balance. plastic high chair in comparison with wood If a baby cannot maintain a lofty sitting position in an upright high chair, they are not ready to begin eating solid foods. (Please see Readiness for Solids for further information.) According to a study performed on populations who were either usually developing or had special needs, reclining babies are more likely to experience aspiration, which is when liquid or food seeps into the lungs and creates an infection there, as well as middle ear infections. The majority of high chairs that recline also give head and complete back support. Despite the fact that it appears to be advantageous, this amount of support is not necessary. When you start your baby on solid meals, they should be able to maintain their head and neck straight on their own. If the child is unable to hold their head and neck in an upright position even while the chair is reclined, it is not yet ready for them to begin eating solid meals. When the chair is reclined, people who swallow are at risk. Reclining chairs that are particularly developed for infants with significant developmental needs or hypotonia When feeding a baby with special developmental needs or hypotonia, the infant may be securely positioned in a slightly reclined position. It is critical to establish the amount to which it can recline and whether any additional lateral supports are necessary before using it. To assess the child’s postural safety, the trained eyes of a pediatric feeding therapist or other developmental specialists, such as a physical therapist, will be necessary. If the child is unable to hold their head and neck erect when not in a reclining posture, solid foods should not be introduced without the supervision of a certified expert. plastic high chair in comparison with metal

plastic high chair in comparison with wood

I read in another article that high chairs made of wood are lighter and more portable in comparison with plastic chairs but that is false. Vinyl chair Baby plastic chairs may be the most adaptable. They have several design features and are lightweight. Certain flaws ruin the charm of plastic furniture. If you’re considering buying a plastic chair, weigh the pros and cons before buying. PROS: First, plastic seats are cheaper than metal or wood ones. They are soft and stylish, making them ideal for babies who spend much of their time sitting. If you’re on a tight budget, buy plastic furniture. Lightweight plastic children’s accessories are great for traveling or shifting inside the house. When space is tight, this is beneficial. The chairs are light and robust. They don’t break easily from squirming and regular wear and tear. The elasticity of plastic means it won’t fracture, which is great. Baby gear made of plastic is easy to maintain. They don’t need polishing or repainting and stand up in harsh environments. Best of all, plastic chairs come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, making them kid-friendly. CONS: Bad plastic chairs shatter easily. Few chairs can endure the weight and strain of a newborn. Compared to wood chairs, plastic chairs lacked elegance. Plastic can’t biodegrade, hence it harms the environment. The plastic combination contains synthetic substances that might be detrimental to newborns. Hardwood high chair Wood is most popular for baby furnishings. Since high chairs were invented, wood has been the most popular. plastic high chair in comparison with wood Although wood furniture has several advantages, it also has some problems. Then, consider the pros and cons of a wooden high chair. PROS: Wooden furniture looks great in whichever space it’s in. Wood is aesthetically stunning and may easily match your décor and other furniture, no matter your interior design. You don’t always need to store the baby chair while not in use. The wood grain improves the interior’s appearance. If maintained, wood is durable and resists wear and tear. Wood furniture is created and manufactured more carefully than plastic furniture. It’ll hold up nicely under severe use. You needn’t fix or replace it. This is useful if you want more kids. Unusual about wood furniture is its weight. They get stronger and more durable for use. It can handle your child’s daily abuse. Heavy newborns can be safely supported. With an adjustable seat and footrest, trendy wood chairs make feeding time a joy for your baby. There are compact, foldable wood chair designs. CONS: Unlike plastic infant furniture, wood is harder to clean. They collect crumbs and spills since they’re made of wood. It’s hard to clean. Compared to other furniture materials, wood is pricey. But it’s explained. High-quality, treated wood is used to make baby furniture. Due to expense, quality must be maintained. Baby equipment made of wood is harder to maintain. Since wood is a natural product, it must be cleaned and stained often to preserve its beauty and ward off pests. plastic high chair in comparison with wood

plastic high chair in comparison with metal

the first thing we notice in the comparison of a plastic high chair with metal high chairs is the weight. Plastic is much lighter and this affects your choice immediately since if you plan on carrying the high chair around, a heavy, metal high chair can aggravate you and tire you out. Even while there are some excellent plastic high chairs on the market, the more affordable ones are not necessarily as long-lasting as their wooden counterparts. Because of this, it’s possible that you won’t be able to use the chair for any further children you might have in the future. Plastic high chairs are notoriously difficult to clean, not to mention the fact that they are easily stained. It is recommended that you spend a little more money on a high-quality plastic high chair if you are dead bent on getting one for your child. The rise in popularity of high chairs with metal frames can be attributed to the chairs’ streamlined and contemporary design. Lighter than high chairs made of wood but heavier than those made of plastic, these chairs typically come with removable, cushioned seats that are waterproof and can be cleaned easily. plastic high chair in comparison with metal The most significant disadvantage of using a high chair made of metal is that, once your child discovers how much fun it is to hit their spoon against it, mealtimes are likely to become rather noisy for everyone in the house. The hook-on high chair and the portable high chair are two further alternatives to consider. A hook-on high chair may be attached to a tabletop; however, a portable high chair is typically utilized by strapping it to an existing chair. When you go to see friends or family or go out to eat at a restaurant, you may bring any of these items because they are not expensive and they can be folded up and stored in your vehicle. Either chair may be used within the home, even if its primary purpose was to serve as a backup when the user was traveling. This is useful in situations when there is a lack of storage space or financial resources. We will then talk about the qualities to seek in a high chair. Seat Your infant will be more comfortable in a high chair with a cushioned seat cover. Make sure the cover is washable and detachable for convenience. Adjustability Your infant can utilize the chair for a longer period of time if it has adjustable footrests and a height setting that can be changed as they develop. ability to fold A folding design facilitates simple transportation and small storage. Wide Base An energetic child will be safer in a high chair with a wide base since it won’t topple over.

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