Premium Hard Plastic Dishes Extensive Trade

You all know premium hard plastic dishes and use them in your home. Today we want to talk a little bit about this product and its extensive trade. As you know, plastic has different types and is in different shapes and designs. Some of these types are disposable and some are reusable. The good news is that plastic containers in Iran are of good quality and its good features include its lightness and ease of carrying. This small but good feature has led to an increase in exports of this product to Iraq, Afghanistan and several neighboring countries.

Premium Hard Plastic Dishes Extensive Trade

What Are Hard Plastic Plates Called?

What Are Hard Plastic Plates Called? Nowadays, the use of reusable hard plastic plates for food storage has become very widespread, which is called plastic kitchen utensils and are available in different sizes and models. It often happens that there is some food left after a meal. To store these foods in the refrigerator or freezer, it is necessary to prepare suitable containers with lids that are tightly closed and maintain the quality of the ingredients.

Different plastic containers with different designs and shapes have been prepared for this purpose, and you can even prepare them in the form of 3, 4 , 5 or 18-piece sets. These containers can be prepared in such a way that they can be placed in the microwave so that you can heat food or thaw freezer material without changing the container.

Another type of food container is a baby food container in which you can put baby food for school. These dishes are usually available in twin or double tiers, and you can put one of the food layers and one fruit inside and separate the different foods.

What are hard plastic dishes made of?

What are hard plastic dishes made of? Plastic refers to a group of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that are obtained from the polymerization process. Polymerization is a chemical reaction in which several small molecules bind together to form larger molecules. Plastics are obtained by incremental or compression polymerization. Plastics are often produced from oil and gas sources.

The material of vintage hard plastic dishes is made of polypropylene, known as PP for short, and is a thermoplastic. The characteristics of this group include hardness, low density, resistance to pressure, heat, sunlight, cold and heat. On the other hand, the cost of producing PP is lower than other thermoplastics, so it is used in various industries.

In addition to vintage hard plastic dishes, polypropylene is used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic appliances, toys, the packaging industry and the automotive industry. Also, some kitchen utensils, such as the super basket of dishes and the kitchen trash can, are made using compressed plastic injection technology and polypropylene material.

Vintage Hard Plastic Dishes Wholesale

Vintage Hard Plastic Dishes Wholesale Due to the high importance of hard plastic containers for food, it can be said that the market for this category of products throughout Iran is very profitable. It should be noted that wholesalers and shopkeepers should pay attention to the higher profit margins, you should choose the types of plastic containers that are very high quality, from the most reputable centers.

Today, in the online sales market, many of these centers, such as our collection, have included the sale of this product in their activities for the well-being of their dear major buyers, and have considered the lowest prices for each of their products.

Wholesale sales of goods means that people can buy their desired product in large numbers at a price below the market price. The wholesale market creates many benefits for individuals and will stabilize economic units.

This site is one of the largest and most reputable sales units of the newest and most stylish dishes in Iran, which provides these products to esteemed customers at the most appropriate and affordable prices. To buy, it is enough to buy and register your orders through the communication channels available on the site.

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