Plastic Food Containers Distributors at the Cheapest Price

plastic food containers containers are among the most widely used containers in food storage. Utensils that are easily accessible and may give a beautiful look to our kitchen. But did you know that these high-consumption plastic containers are a serious health hazard and are considered the worst containers in food storage? Lemon juice is one of the most popular condiments of Iranians that can be found in every home. It is good to know that storing lemon juice and lemon juice in some containers is dangerous.

Plastic Food Containers Distributors at the Cheapest Price

Top 6 Types of Luxury Plastic Food Containers

Top 6 Types of Luxury Plastic  Food Containers There are different types of plastic kitchen utensils, which we will introduce in the following: Cereals Cabinet and desk spoon holder pitcher and glass Containers with lids Fruit and vegetable baskets Sink basket chopping board Basket of onions and potatoes Water tourist Freezer containers and…va plastic food storage containers plastic food containers for restaurants high qulaity plastic containers

4 Reasons we Use Plastic Food Containers

4 Reasons we Use Plastic Food Containers The use of plastic goods, especially in the food packaging and storage industry, is increasing day by day due to its low weight and high mechanical strength, cheap raw materials and easy maintenance and transport of plastic bottles. In this paper, the effects of plastic bottles from medical, environmental and energy consumption aspects are compared with glass bottles. According to the statistics, the consumption of plastic bottles in Iran is expected to increase to more than 92,000 tons this year. The biodegradability, recycling and reuse of low quality bottles make them unsuitable for food storage. Release of toxic compounds in the environment, especially in the air during the production process, release of various toxic compounds such as antimony, zinc, bromide derivatives, dioxins and phenols are destructive effects that these bottles will have on the environment and humans. Also, the use of these containers is not cost-effective due to various recycling problems and high costs for emptying waste from plastic bottles. In contrast, glass bottles are made of minerals that can be easily and inexpensively recycled (15 to 20 times) so that recycled glass bottles have the same quality as the original bottles and also produce less energy than the original energy. they need. Glass bottles can be a safe place to store food.

High Quality Plastic Food Containers Trade

High Quality Plastic Food Containers Trade The United States, Canada, and Mexico have the largest production of plastics in the world. European countries and Japan are also famous for their world production. But let’s go to our own country, Iran. The good news is that plastic containers in Iran are of good quality, and one of its good features is that it is light and easy to carry. This small but good feature has increased Iran’s exports to Iraq, Afghanistan and several neighboring countries. In the meantime, do not think that China has no name, China is definitely present in all trades. China and Turkey are also important countries in the plastic trade with Iran, both in terms of imports and exports. But unfortunately, here too, if we want to export to China, high customs costs and lack of government support is an obstacle to not being able to export well to this country.

Varat Plastic is imported to Iran in very, very small quantities and only certain products such as sprayers and the like are imported, the samples of which are not made properly in Iran. Of course, we also say that we import machines for the production of these plastics from countries such as Germany and other European countries. About 300 tons of plastic is produced annually in the world, of which 2 million tons are produced in Iran. In fact, plastic consumption is high in Iran. Consumption of plastic in Iran is 3 times the global consumption.

In the case of plastic transactions in Iran, the amount of transactions in this area in the country is generally about 100 billion tomans per month and even more. Do you think that a small portion of these deals and profits can be brought to you? In my opinion, the best countries for work are Turkey and Iraq, because the number of travelers in these countries is high, and one of these countries is a tourist and the other is a pilgrimage. Consumption of plastic is also very high in these countries

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