Plastic dishes set Distribution centers

Although these days, all kinds of Iranian and foreign porcelain, steel and melamine dishes have come to the market in various designs and colors, but plastic dishes still have a special place in most kitchens. Today, plastics are one of the main kitchen utensils that come into contact with food after food preparation. For more information about Plastic dishes set Distribution centers, visit our site.

Plastic dishes set Distribution centers

The specifications of plastic dishes set

The specifications of plastic dishes set Most of us have a relaxed attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves. Not all plastic containers are suitable for microwave or refrigerator use. Dishwasher safeness should not be underestimated. We can understand all this from the markings on the plastic containers. The fact is that very small particles of plastic enter the body of people, getting into the food poured into these containers or the food stored in them. It is inevitable to avoid the transition of plastic materials to food. Heating food in plastic containers increases the transfer of these particles to food.

This migration or transfer is greater when greasy, salty or acidic foods are poured into plastic containers. It is not yet clear exactly how much of this substance enters the body in this way. Although most of the chemicals used in containers are safe and secure, they should never be used. Two important chemicals are constantly being researched in plastics, one is bisphenol A and the other is a group of chemicals called phthalates.

Bisphenol A is a substance used to make lightweight but tough plastics called polycarbonate. By changing the function of hormones in the body, it prepares the ground for some cancers such as prostate and breast cancer. Bisphenol A can affect cell DNA and cause genetic mutations that are difficult to control. You’ve seen that the materials in plastic containers are potential health risks. For many years, plastic containers were thought to be harmless to health, but now there are many question marks about the safety of these containers.

It’s best not to use plastic containers in the microwave to heat or cook food, as plastics are forced to lose significant amounts of harmful chemicals when heated. Instead, glass and earthenware pots can be used to heat food. If for any reason you have to use plastic to heat food in the microwave, you should use microwaveable plastic containers that are not scratched or broken. However, some of the chemicals in the plastic enter the food and reach the body. For more information on plastic dishes set trade visit our site.

Distribution centers of plastic dishes set

Distribution centers of plastic dishes set Our company is one of the Distribution centers of plastic dishes set and distributes this product to the market at a good price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about plastic dishes set price.


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