Plastic dish wholesale price in 2021

Plastics are polymers obtained from the synthesis of raw materials called monomers. Monomers are toxic substances and harmful to human health; Polymers are neutral and have no problems. The problem, however, is that some monomer is usually left in the polymer preparation process. If this process is done correctly and in accordance with the necessary standards, it will not pose any problems for the health of the people. That’s why you have to be very careful when using plastics as food containers and no plastic should be allowed in food packaging. Visit our website for more information about the Plastic dish wholesale.

Plastic dish wholesale price in 2021

The specifications of Plastic dish

The specifications of Plastic dish Currently, these products are somewhat difficult to identify accurately by the public, due to the unauthorized use of food-grade baseless polymers in food packaging and storage. In this context, the Ministry of Health has tried to separate factories producing disposable tableware from factories producing plastic parts for industrial use. In addition, manufacturers of plastic containers for food are required to have a production license. All polymers, from first hand to recycled as well as plastic containers, must be tested for food grade before being used in the food industry.

This test is carried out within the scope of European Union (EEC) and American (FDA) standards. The migration rate of polymeric components to similar foodstuffs is measured by performing tests that can also be carried out in the General Directorate of Food and Drug Control Laboratories. In fact, the Ministry of Health measures the resistance and migration rate of polymer components in solvents or similar food solutions. Unfortunately, the disposable tableware standard is not mandatory, production units can produce without a license.

In order to be able to decide on this issue, it is necessary to make a request to the institute to make the disposable tableware standard mandatory, but unfortunately there has been no request to date. While there are currently 5,000 factories and workshops for the production of disposable tableware in the country, only 300 of these factories have a license to produce these tableware, and it is not clear from what materials and how these plates are produced in the rest of these factories. Move on. In polystyrene water glasses, knives, forks, spoons and food containers; For example, the containers in the form of foam in celok dolls are a type of polystyrene made from hexane gas.

This gas, which is released at a temperature of 160 degrees, is 200 degrees in the temperature of the food in the container, and this gas is transferred to the human body with the food. Hexane gas causes side effects such as headaches. During the summer months, many people use disposable water bottles to freeze water to provide cold water. It has been proven that when ice enters disposable containers, water releases carcinogenic substances into the water through the bottle wall. Transparent polystyrene containers are made for cold drinks and pouring hot ingredients such as tea into them is dangerous.

Hot food in clear and glass disposable containers causes the release of monomers (chemicals) due to their weakness. Disposable polystyrene containers are much more harmful than hot tea when consuming acidic and fatty beverages such as soft drinks and cocoa. Disposable containers are basically disposable because, if repeated, very small grooves in them that are not visible, besides predisposing the person to gastrointestinal infections due to the release of organic and industrial molecules into the water or food. various cancers. Visit our site for more information on Plastic dish supply.

Wholesale price of Plastic dish

Wholesale price of Plastic dish Wholesale price of Plastic dish in our collection has a high quality so that it is distributed throughout the country. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about Plastic dish trade.

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