Great Sale of Best Plastic Dishes Set

plastic dishes set utensils are produced in various and stylish sets and you can use it in travel and other places such as the kitchen or even dowry. For travel and entertainment, in addition to the right place for travel and entertainment, it is also important to choose the right plastic containers for storing and serving food. By buying plastic containers in different and desired dimensions and sizes, they can be used for any application, because in factories, all these products are produced in different sizes. These dishes are very suitable for travel, excursions and picnics, and by having these tools, they can be used in different places without worrying about breaking the dishes.

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Great Sale of Best Plastic Dishes Set

What Do Plastic Dishes Set Inclue?

What Do Plastic Dishes Set Inclue? There are different types of plastic container sets, and the equipment inside them is also different, such as 12 pieces, 36 pieces, etc. Plastic travel utensils such as thermoses, travel mugs and travel utensil sets. The set of travel utensils usually includes plates, aprons, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, glasses, graters and door containers for storing food and is produced in 4, 6 and 8 person types.

For example, plastic dinnerware set for 8 people have the following items: This service includes 85 pieces of items needed when traveling, such as a dish, eight plates, eight plates for serving stew, eight appetizers for serving fruit, cheese and 3, three vegetable baskets, eight tablespoons, eight forks. Eating, eight knives, two double-sided salt shakers that can be used for salt and other spices of plastic dinner plates set , eight glasses, a grater, a rice spatula, a large spoon and a glass of lemon juice. Lemon plastic travel containers have two containers with lids, one of which has a capacity of 330 ml and the other has dimensions of 5 × 10.5 × 17.5 cm, which contain two separate containers. also such sets have a childrens plastic plates.

Or a set of plastic utensils for the bride’s dowry includes the following: Water pitcher, broom and digger, picnic basket, water flask, hand juicer, ice mold, clothes basket, refrigerator door container service, 2 slides for sliding spoons and forks

5 Important Points at the Process of Making Plastic Dishes Set

5 Important Points at the Process of Making Plastic Dishes Set 5 Important Points at the Process of Making Plastic Dishes Set:

1_ Manufacturers of plastic kitchen utensils should use quality raw materials to produce plastic utensils that do not harm the health of customers or if they use these utensils to store some food, do not see the change in flavor or taste of their food .

2- Applied devices are available in the produced sets to meet the customer’s needs efficiently

3_ The thickness and size of the dishes should be standard and not so thin that it will break and be damaged during use. Plastic containers should be smooth and transparent, and when you look closely at them, you should not see any streaks of different colors.

4_ Be beautiful and encourage the customer to buy, use attractive and fresh designs and up-to-date models, and its packaging should be stylish.

5_ In the production of plastic containers, its color should also be considered so that popular and popular colors are used during production.

Plastic Dishes Set Exportation Widely

Plastic Dishes Set Exportation Widely Exports of Iranian plastic containers can provide special areas of profitability. Selling plastic containers directly from the factory is one of the activities of our company, which has made it possible to offer first-hand prices along with a variety of plastic containers and accessories. We can supply your export products with your support and help. You can visit our online website to view a variety of models with good quality and low price, as well as consult with the support team, order the products you need and meet your needs.


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  6. Recently, with the supervision of the Ministry of Health and mandatory law, the presence of the health or chemistry officer in the factory laboratory, more control has been done on the health and hygiene of disposable products.

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