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a high chair is one of the first chairs in the life of a baby. 0 – 12 months is just a label and actually, the baby needs a high chair whenever he or she can maintain balance and is ready to be seated.

plastic baby chair

we have provided this guide to help you choose a plastic or wooden high chair for your baby. If you delve into the history of high chairs, you’ll find that different kinds of materials were used to make them throughout the years. Despite the fact that there is no one substance that is ideal for high chairs, the material in question serves a purpose in the vast majority of respects. Things like how easy something is to clean, how durable it is, how much weight it can hold, and so on are all directly proportionate to the material that the apparatus is made of. A baby high chair made of plastic, for instance, is considered to be lightweight; but there is no guarantee that it can support a youngster who is active and wiggly. The construction of feeding furniture might include the use of a variety of materials, such as plastic or wood, or even a combination of all of these components. If you are unsure about whether you should buy plastic or hardwood furniture for your home, then you should read this piece. It will help you decide which option is better for you. High chair made of plastic Plastic chairs, out of all the many types of infant furniture, are perhaps the most adjustable option. They are not only lightweight but also come in a wide variety of design elements and other functionality to choose from. On the other hand, there are a few peculiarities that take away from the overall allure that plastic furniture has to offer. If you are thinking about purchasing a chair made of plastic, you should first analyze the positives and negatives of this material so that you can make an educated purchase choice. PROS: To begin, as compared to seats made of metal or wood, plastic furniture is far more cost-effective than those of those other materials. In addition, they are comfortable to sit on and sophisticated, which makes them an excellent choice for infants who spend the bulk of their time in a seated position. If you are working with a limited budget, plastic furniture is the most cost-effective option for you to choose. plastic baby chair Because it’s made of plastic, baby gear made plastic is lightweight, making it easy to move to more convenient locations in your house or take with you on any trip. When you have a limited amount of room, you may also find that this component is helpful. In spite of their low weight, these seats are quite robust. They are very resistant to breaking and can readily withstand the jiggling and other wear and tear that comes with regular use. Because of the flexibility that is provided by the plastic substance, they do not easily break. This is a major plus. Plastic infant equipment needs very less upkeep in comparison to that equipment made of other materials. They retain their durability even when subjected to severe environmental conditions, and they do not need any kind of polishing or repainting. The best part is that plastic chairs are available in such a wide variety of hues, dimensions, and contours, making them ideal for use with children. CONS: Chairs manufactured of low-quality plastic are prone to breaking into pieces quickly. When it comes to withstanding the pressure and weight of the newborn, several seats have an unpredictably low success rate. Plastic chairs, in contrast to their wooden counterparts, were noticeably lacking in elegance. Because it cannot be broken down by natural processes, plastic is bad for the environment. In addition to this, the mixture that is used to produce plastic also includes potentially harmful synthetic compounds, which are not beneficial for the newborn. Check that the baby’s butt is at the appropriate height in the chair if you see that they are leaning to one side or the other and losing their balance. When a baby’s both forearms are supported by the tray, and when the tray is positioned at belly height rather than nipple height, many newborns are able to attain upright stability. baby high chairs guide If the table or tray is at the same level as the baby’s armpits or is just slightly lower, the child will require assistance. To help raise your child up in the high chair, you might try laying a book below their butt. The person’s belly should be aligned with the tray or table so that they have the greatest possible biomechanical advantage while reaching and gripping. If the baby is still having trouble holding itself up in the middle after receiving this boost, you may want to consider waiting a week or two before beginning solid foods so that the baby can become a little stronger in the meanwhile. Some parents wrap up towels or blankets and place them next to their child’s hips in the chair so that the child has some lateral support and remains seated in the middle of the chair. On the other hand, if a substantial amount of assistance is required, it is advisable to wait for indicators of preparedness. In order for the infant to be able to reach the footrest, they need to be positioned such that they are sitting upright with their weight transferred forward, their lower legs dangling, and their knees bent to a 90-degree angle. Evaluate the baby’s ability to sit up straight before making any adjustments to the footrest (see above). After making any necessary adjustments to promote optimal placement, the height of the footplate should be adjusted so that it is level with the baby’s feet. It is common practice to use a book, a cardboard box, or a pasta box in order to get the desired height. It is important to keep in mind that the objective is for the infant to weight bear onto the footrest, and because of this, any additions to the footrest should be firmly taped to the footrest and the chair. plastic baby high chair 12 months

baby high chairs guide

to keep your baby safe right beside you without having to worry about them you will need a high chair and this guide helps you choose one easily. There has long been a controversy about whether high chairs should be made of wood or plastic. However, we think that whether to choose a wooden high chair or a plastic one simply comes down to personal choice. Safety and usability are ultimately the most crucial features to look for in a high chair. Also take into consideration how much room you have in your dining and kitchen area, how simple it is to clean, and whether or not a high chair that folds for convenient storage is a feature that is essential to you when deciding on a high chair. FUNCTIONALITY The days of the conventional high chair have mostly been replaced with modern hardwood high chairs. The Babydan danchair high chair is one of the many modern wooden high chairs that is multi-functional and equipped with an adjustable footrest and seat so that your kid may sit comfortably as they grow from a baby to a toddler to a young child. High chairs made of plastic are often more lightweight. Plastic high chairs are easier to transport and are perfect for throwing in the car for road trips to visit families. baby high chairs guide Consider purchasing a baby booster seat, an alternative tiny and portable infant seat perfect for slipping into the back of a vehicle, for family vacations. Some plastic high chairs have the extra advantage of being able to recline, while this is not a compulsory function of a high chair, some parents prefer to utilize this feature during milk feeds. SPACE SAVING Most plastic high chairs, like the Safetots small charms compact folding high chair, are lightweight and fold easily so they can be put in a cabinet with ease, which is why they are often seen to be preferable in terms of conserving room in the house. But certain wooden high chairs, like the Safetots Simply Safe Folding Wooden High Chair, benefit from the same fold-down function that saves room. The Safetots simply stackable high chair is a great option for families with multiple young children who need more than one high chair because it can be stacked on top of one another. However, wooden high chairs often need less floor area than bulkier plastic high chairs. Wooden high chairs often have smaller, more organized designs and structures, and they take up less room on the floor. EASIEST TO CLEAN Although modern wooden high chairs have a fuss-free design, they are now much simpler to clean in those formerly difficult to reach cracks and crevices, contrary to popular belief that plastic high chairs are easier to clean. Compatible cushions may either be washed in a washing machine or are simple to wipe off. Removable trays that may be broken down for dishwasher cleaning are another common feature of plastic high chairs. baby high chairs guide

plastic baby high chair 12 months

when your baby is 12 months old, he or she needs a high chair. some websites suggest that wooden high chairs are more durable and easier to clean than plastic high chairs which is completely false. On the contrary, plastic is much easier to clean than wood and is obviously more durable. You can never say wood is more durable than plastic. Of course, there is cheap plastic and good plastic, and wooden high chairs may be better than a cheap plastic high chair but never better than high-quality plastic. When evaluating the position of the infant in the high chair, it is important to take into account not only their position in relation to the table or tray but also the placement of their feet on the footplate. You may notice that your infant has difficulty reaching and grabbing food items if the table or tray that they are using is too high. If the table or tray is at the same height as the baby’s armpits or just slightly lower, the child will require assistance. You might try propping them up in the high chair with a book by putting it under their bottom. For optimal grabbing and reaching, the tray or table should be positioned such that it is parallel to the person’s stomach. Removable tray Infants gain knowledge through seeing and mimicking their caregivers’ actions. They learn to eat in the same way: newborns need to watch their parents eat and participate in mealtimes with their families in order to learn how to eat properly. The use of a high chair that has a tray that can be removed makes it much simpler to bring the chair up to the table, which is helpful in encouraging the practice of eating meals together as a family. A high chair fitted with a safety harness or a strap Straps or harnesses are often used in the design of high chair systems to ensure that a kid is kept in a place that is both safe and secure. After falling from their highchairs, an estimated 5,100 or more newborns are sent to emergency rooms throughout the United States each year for evaluation. 4 In order to keep your kid safe and secure in their high chair, you should always use the chair in the manner that is recommended by the manufacturer. This includes correctly attaching any safety straps or harnesses. Harness systems for high chairs are typically three- or five-point, consisting of a waist strap, pommel or crotch strap, and extra straps over the shoulders. When it comes to the safety of small newborns and children who have just started eating, harness straps on a high chair are very necessary. Whether children are this age, the harness straps on their high chairs also aid with postural control. This allows the kid to sit completely erect and protects them from falling over when they are exhausted, extremely wiggly, or overly energetic. Harness straps are no longer necessary for older infants and toddlers since they no longer serve the purpose of providing postural control. Instead, they serve the purpose of helping to corral a busy early toddler. The strapping method helps keep the child in the chair as they learn to stand and climb, but now is also the time to consider switching to a sitting arrangement that is more developmentally suitable for them.

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